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We provide Russian, English, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi speaking personnel, all nationalities and passports, for your oil and gas related vacancies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, CIS, Middle East, Europe and other international locations like Austral-Asia, Caspian/Central Asia, GOM, North Sea, South America, United States, West Africa, East and South Africa.

On July 29th, 2008 NefteGasKadry, Russian recruitment company for oil and gas industry, secured a contract with Russias official Space Pilot Training Center in Zvezdny near Moscow for preparation in 2009-2010 of 2 cosmonaut trainees to become familiar with directional drilling in case some oil/gas major wants to start drilling the Moon surface for hydrocarbons. The 2 cosmonauts will be able to place a compact rig on the Moon and start appraisal drilling using state of the art equipment provided by an international service company selected in tender. Baker Hughes will be asked to add the rig on the Moon surface to its World Rig Count. Kindly send your queries at our contact mailbox, subject: DRILLING MOON SURFACE, to get quotes for recruitment of the cosmonaut drillers. Rambler's Top100
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